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TalentAlgo can find you jobs like these

Software Engineer
Brokerage company

Develop applications and services used within company to support trading and operations. Positions include front-end trading platform (Java Swing), back end services including data model and transport, high throughput processing.

Quantitative Researcher
Global equities at hedge fund

Use computational, statistical, and mathematical tools to research and develop short-term signals for execution algorithms. Help drive strategy for portfolio algorithm improvements and develop transaction cost estimation models.

Software Engineer
Fixed Income group at hedge fund

Enhance and maintain current clearing and settlement platform and help build the new framework and applications for Fixed Income trade processing (Java, Angular, Python and C#).

Data Scientist
Brokerage company

Looking for 2+ years of experience analyzing large and complex data sets with machine learning technique using Java, python, or statistical programming languages. This will improve the companies' understanding of how their clients engage with products and services and enable better service by identifying trends in business activity.

Equity group at hedge fund

Strong technologist to design and build core libraries in Java. Play a critical part in standardizing the technology stack, evaluate new technologies while using modern agile practices. Experience designing interfaces, building Java libraries/frameworks, low-latency programming, C/C++, and Java web stack are important.

Infrastructure Engineer
Fixed Income group at large bank

Design platforms, servers, and networks to deliver service to customers, clients, and global businesses. Responsible for managing projects to completion. Collect and analyze production monitoring data. Experience designing tailored solutions, performance tuning, and verification of satisfaction of requirements.

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A traditional job search is a wildly inefficient waste of time. Depending on your circumstances, you might spend anywhere from 8-40 hours per week looking for work.

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