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What if your dream tech job came to you?
We match tech & quant professionals with their perfect jobs. Create a profile in as little as 10 minutes and our algorithm will send hiring managers hunting for you.
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TalentAlgo Makes Finding Your Next Tech Job Painless

Get Matched With The Perfect Job
Our algorithm finds the right jobs for your skills, personality, work style & job preferences.
No Applications Or Cover Letters
Just complete your profile to give our algorithm all the info it needs to match you with jobs.
Hiring Managers Contact You Directly
No recruiters. Talk to hiring managers anonymously until you're ready to reveal your identity.
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Ditch Traditional Job Sites And Save Time

A traditional job search is a wildly inefficient waste of time. Depending on your circumstances, you might spend anywhere from 8-40 hours per week looking for work.

It's become a part-time job unto itself.

The average job searcher submits 200 applications to receive one offer

10-20 applications to get one interview

10-15 interviews to get one job offer

100-300 total applications to receive one job offer

With TalentAlgo, the jobs come to you

TalentAlgo changes the traditional job hunt process by immediately putting you into contact with hiring managers who are already looking for someone exactly like you.

Create Your Free Profile
Create Your Free Profile
How TalentAlgo Quickly & Easily Brings You Tech Jobs
Create A Profile

Fill out your skills, experience, workplace style, and job preferences in your confidential profile in as little as 10 minutes.

Check Your Matches

Our algorithm finds job openings that perfectly match your profile and sends your information to hiring managers anonymously.

Talk to Hiring Managers

Hiring managers contact you directly to interview you. You have a very high chance of landing the job since you've already been vetted as a match.

Get A Job Offer

Get an offer and start working at your dream job!

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TalentAlgo Success Stories

"If you are a technologist, this platform is for you. I had been using recruiters throughout my career and lately turned to the job boards and corporate portals to apply for open positions, with little success. Then I found TalentAlgo and it has changed my view on the career search. Although it took a little while to complete my profile, in the end I had hiring managers contacting me with their open positions that matched my background. It saved me a lot of time and energy. TalentAlgo is a game changer and I highly recommend it!"

Marty Ross-Trevor
Project Manager, Citigroup

"Endless searching through job sites, recruiters giving me the run around... It was all eating away my time. Once I set up my TalentAlgo profile, that was it. Hiring managers are contacting me directly and I always know it's a good match."

Eric Schulze
Cyber Security Manager, Citigroup

"TalentAlgo was unlike any other online career search, job board or recruiter I have ever tried when I wanted a new position. TalentAlgo addressed many concerns I have had about the job search process. There is no searching through endless jobs that end up not fitting. Jobs and hiring managers came to me with quality jobs that actually match what I was looking for! If you want to cut through the noise of all the other job platforms and have accurate, quality jobs come to you, this is what we have all been waiting for. I highly recommended using TalentAlgo."

Michael Suarez
Vice President, JP Morgan Chase
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