Let TalentAlgo Find Your Next Hire With Precision

TalentAlgo is giving control back to candidates and hiring managers when it comes to recruiting and job search. Using a blend of our proprietary algorithm, talent analytics and our Workplace Personality Inventory Assessment, the platform is designed to match IT and Quantitative candidates to your job opportunities in Financial Services more efficiently and effectively than traditional recruiters, job boards or corporate portals, saving you time and money.

Working With TalentAlgo

TalentAlgo was founded by a group of veteran IT and Quantitative professionals and a seasoned Financial Services IT Recruiter. Together, we have a deep knowledge of the industry. We founded the company with the belief that there was a better way for candidates to find positions that match their career goals, while enabling employers to find qualified candidates that match their hiring requirements, more efficiently.

The TalentAlgo platform removes the middlemen (third party recruiting and consulting firms) out of the hiring process and gives control back to you as the hiring manager or corporate HR personnel. After all, you know what you need most in your group and TalentAlgo gives you a precise list of qualified candidates within seconds of completing your job description.

How It Works

Step 1: Create Your Job Order

The first step is to create your Job Order. Each specific job order will be assigned a unique ID, which will help you keep track of multiple job listings.

Step 2: Define Job Requirements

Here's where you'll give our algorithm everything it needs to get to work. You'll be asked to describe your organization and the responsibilities of the open positions. It's best to give as much detail as you can, giving the candidate a 30, 60 or 90+ day outlook. This is also where you'll enter the necessary skills, educational background, and the desired workplace personality traits for the position.

Step 3: Run Your Search!

Once you've entered the necessary information, you'll run your search. Results will come back within seconds! You'll see up to 15 suitable candidates who match your requirements. You'll be able to compare candidates against your job order or even compare to each other.

Step 4: Safely Reach Out to Candidates

Once you've narrowed down the candidate or candidates you are interested in, you can safely and directly contact them through our Message Center. This allows you to start a dialogue with potential candidates before you commit to taking the next step.

TalentAlgo will monitor the hiring process and step in to assist either the hiring manager or candidate at any stage of the process, ensuring a smooth process for both sides of the hiring equation.

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What You'll See

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